Kennebec Seed Potatoes

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Thin, smooth skin and flesh make these oval potatoes an all-purpose pantry staple. Young tubers are tasty for creaming and full-size spuds are excellent for frying, boiling, mashing or baking. Stores well.

Height: 2 - 3 feet.

Spacing: 12 to 15 inches.

Depth: 3 to 5 inches between plants and 30 to 36 inches between rows.

Spread: 18 - 24 inches.

Sun/Shade: Full sun.

Yield: 100 lbs. per 100 foot row.

Foliage: Green foliage.

Fruit: Very thin, smooth white skin, white smooth textured flesh. Oval shaped.

Days To Maturity: 80 - 100 days. Main season potato.

Form: Annual. Upright.

Soil Requirements: Fertile, well-drained sandy loam soil. pH 4.8 - 5.4. Will grow in higher pH, but sometimes becomes scabby.

Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate.

Seed Count: 2 lbs. of seed potatoes will make approximately 10 - 15 potato sets when cut.

Comments: Whole sets will get off to an earlier start and produce higher yields. Stores well. Resistant to mosaic, late blight, net necrosis. Very dependable top yielder. Grows in any climate. Has very large leaf and vine habit. Fertilize at planting time. Mound soil over row as plants emerge to protect tubers from turning green in the sun. Harvest after tops turn yellow. Can be stored at 40 - 50 degrees F. (cooler temperatures turn starch to sugar and warmer temperaturess may cause them to sprout). Sprinkle a tablespoon of 10-10-10 fertilizer in the space between each potato piece. Do not apply the fertilizer directly to the potatoes as it can burn the tubers. After plants are 8 - 10 inches tall, use a hoe and pile several inches of soil up around the stems. This is called hilling. This prevents exposure to the sun which causes tubers to become green and inedible.