Premium Buckwheat Seed 5lbs. by Old Cobblers Farm

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  • Latin Name: Fagopyrum esculentum

    Fast summer green manure.

    Buckwheat is widely grown as a grain crop, bee pasture, soil improving cover crop and as wildlife cover. It is a warm season grain which grows rapidly during the summer and several crops per year may be had with proper management. This rapid and dense growth chokes out weeds and is used in crop-free fields in rotation with vegetables. Buckwheat is often grown to attract beneficial insects and as pasture for honey bees. Sow in late May through July and till in about a month later, when flowering has begun. For grain harvest, sow 3 months before fall frost. Harvest after killing frost. Planting rate: 2-3 lb./1,000 sq.ft. (60 lb./acre), one-fifth less when planting for grain harvest.


    With a preferred ph of 5.0-7.0, buckwheat will grow in a wide variety of soils but will not grow where wet. It will out-compete weeds in fields with high weed seed densities. Must be mowed/harrowed or otherwise incorporated before seed is mature; otherwise it may become a weed. For grain harvest, be aware that the grains (grouts) do not ripen uniformly. Cut the plants when 80-90% of the seeds have matured (turned brown). There will still be green leaves and perhaps some blossoms at the top of the plant when they are cut. It is preferable to harvest the grain when ready and not let the plant spend excess time standing as this will result in high seed loss. Once threshed, remove as much green plant material as possible as this can shorten the grain's life by overheating.


    FOR GREEN MANURE:Till in at any growth stage.

    FOR ORNAMENTAL USE OR GRAIN HARVEST:Cut the plants near the base when most of the green color has turned brown and the seeds are hardening (no longer milky).


    Days to Maturity or Bloom:   35-42

    Use Old Cobblers Organic Fertilizer for starting your seed and for successful growth.